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programi za perfektnu vizualizaciju


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Sve je pocelo sa vizijom:

dati ideji formu i realisticki prikazati tu formu. Tehnicki napredna racunarska vizualizacija na najvišom nivoju. To se može doznati vec iz imena kompanije, sastavljenog iz rijeci vizualizacija i softver – ili vizija i softvera. Vec od stvaranja svog prvog produkta – programa za vizualizaciju ormarica VisiCad (1994) ViSoft je stalno napredovao. Danas 11 radnika 7 produkte na najvišom nivoju koji se prodaju u 72 država i 19 razlicitih jezika.

With Photo Tuning a vision has become a reality. Perfect quality with a click on a button.

The Products

ViSoft Premium 3D Bad Planungssoftware für Fliesenplanung Badplanung und Sanitärauswahl, Bathroom Furniture und Design Raumplanung

ViSoft Pad 3D Bad Planungssoftware für Fliesenplanung Badplanung und Sanitärauswahl, Bathroom Furniture und Design Raumplanung

ViSoft 3D Viewer Bad Planungssoftware für Fliesenplanung Badplanung und Sanitärauswahl, Bathroom Furniture und Design Raumplanung ViSoft 3D Viewer Bad Planungssoftware für Fliesenplanung Badplanung und Sanitärauswahl, Bathroom Furniture und Design Raumplanung ViSoft 3D Viewer Bad Planungssoftware für Fliesenplanung Badplanung und Sanitärauswahl, Bathroom Furniture und Design Raumplanung ViSoft Server 3D Bad Planungssoftware für Fliesenplanung Badplanung und Sanitärauswahl, Bathroom Furniture und Design Raumplanung

Current ViSoft Products

ViSoft Premium

The professional 3D bathroom-design and tiling software bringing the technical data input quickly, but for all that accurately to the screen as a photo realistic presentation. Very easy to use,

logically structured and clearly presented. With an update twice a year. The planning program which fulfills the highest technical demands in such way that users do not need any CAD-knowhow.

ViSoft Pad

The sensational touchscreen solution with the APPs-character convinces by a playful ease of operation: select a room shape by a finger, tap the tiles and drag them on the floor or wall. Finish

/h5ed! The virtual walkabout of the room functions also by a simple fingertip movement: pan, move, zoom on or out. Possible places of use: on stands as customer’s adviser for color and size variants, for the proposals of using other tiles or as virtual expansion of the stands.

ViSoft Photo Tuning

Revolutionizes the quality of presentations by a perfect adjustment of light, shadows and reflections. Photo realistic presentation at such a high level brings atmosphere and enthusiasm in the picture. The presentation of its planning is so genuine as if it were a photo from the future. This form of the presentation is very convincing.

ViSoft Living Wall

Makes the planned room individually experienced and impresses due to 1:1 projection and virtual room perception in original size. A benefit at consultation and discussion with the customer:

plan in 2-D, present in 3-D. Also usable as the second screen the customers can look at during the live-planning.

ViSoft Spectrum

Makes the planning measurable: the customer lists by help of a scanner the tiles

of his choice and immediately sees in the presentation all the possibilities this choice offers for his bathroom. In this way there are no more false decisions or miscalculations.

ViSoft 3D Viewer

Share your projects with others, without extra licenses. Multiple instances: Present variants or different projects simultaneously on one screen or many machines

ViSoft Server

Data distribution in networks. The solution for fast updates and custom databases.

ViSoft is a worldwide incorporated trademark and stands with its seven products for innovation, creativity and top knowhow in the 3D real-time visualization.

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The Databases

ViSoft Premium

is a planning software with numerous additional functions and effects. The realistic impression of the finished project of a new Bathroom comes into being by original and genuine depiction of the tiles and sanitary ware.

ViSoft maintains the worldwide largest tiles database:

Placed on top of the other 395.033 original tiles of 370 leading international producers which currently compose this database would make a stack of some 3720 meters making it about four and half times as high as at the present highest building in the world: the 828 meters high Burj Dubai.

In other words:

The tiles database contains 15.619 actual tiles series and replaces 11.648 catalogue photos. All this means a sheer inexhaustible supply for individual planning.

Status: [Januar 2014actualization].

ViSoft offers a complete sanitary ware range:

Similarly comfortable is an approach in the sanitary sphere: In the bathroom ground plan appear automatically just by one click a wash-basin, shower, toilet, bidet, bathroom furniture and accessories; the necessary installation points are also defined.

Especially impressive:

change manufacturers, series, colours and variations of the planning click by click – immediately and exactly presented up to the last detail. In the for this necessary database are 78.621 original models of all actual series from 149 top manufacturers and 62 partners.

New and fascinating:

the style formats at your disposal. From daring cartoon to classical Rembrandt-style. It extends the palette – naturally also for the eventful videos throughout the planning.

Art in Motion presentation modes

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The Producer

Creativity has a face

ViSoft GmbH, Sindelfingen, in their products combine technology and creativity, develop and distribute not only in Germany but in 72 countries and in 19 different languages of ViSoft Premium professional 3D-bath planning software. Exact and realistic 3D view of each project is available already during the planning phase, in real-time without any tiresome waiting periods. The modules Living Wall, Photo Tuning and Spectrum complete the offer and contribute – each in its own way – to the perfect presentation. ViSoft, established in 1994, trades from 2001 as GmbH and is nowadays a successful software-development company built up by the present business manager Rainer Nissler together with head of development Ottmar Weber.

Both of them have invented the program with much engagement, know-how, knowledge and commitment, then further developed and extended it to a worldwide market. The market position of the company has been very stable for years. Innovative modules such as Photo Tuning and Living Wall made market penetration very positive. Their own development department takes care for implementation of latest technical improvements to regular updates of programme versions. At the same time the development know-how in their own house protects customer’s investments to ViSoft software: realization of best possible solutions independent of others – this is how ViSoft works. The innovation power comes through the visionary creativity of the business manager Rainer Nissler, who also takes care of the course of the future production lines.
Head of development Ottmar Weber with his technical and scientific know-how acts as mastermind and caretaker for the realization of the products. Both are supported by a very dedicated and young development team with an average age of 27.

Team members, who are highly qualified in special IT fields, carry out the programming, database updates and continuous improvement.

This is proved not only in the permanently developed new products, but also in two software updates each year, from which benefit ViSoft users. The existing functions are reworked and made more applicable. The improvements are many times suggested by users themselves. An update booklet is manifesting this continual process proving at the same time the power of innovation in the company. There is another users friendly side effect: the ViSoft products users rest assured of the continual development on a very high level. It orients itself on the technical condition as soon as the market maturity is achieved. An example: have a look at the website of leading 3D-visualisation and animation software company Mental images: you will find many convincing ViSoft projects on their reference pages. The development from scratch takes place in own house and represents the motive for market presence and high quality standards which ensure the success of the enterprise. Two subsidiary firms in Spain and Ukraine ensure continued growth.


The development team has more to offer than bare computer.

ViSoft Team DE ViSoft Team DE – International Sales Meeting 2011

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The Milestones

Year Event
First product: VisCad, a 3D-visualisation software for
cabinet makers
Establishment of ViSoft GbR by Ottmar Weber,
Dipl. Ing. of telecommunications
and Rainer Nissler, Dipl. Ing. of interior design
ViSoft, the bathroom planning software appears on the market
Establishment of ViSoft GmbH
until 2005
partner in EU-project COMIC
ViSoft is the only software developer
among research institutions
and universities
Market launch of ViSoft Premium:
3D-bathroom planning software with high quality visualization in real-time
Rainer Nissler SL established in Spain
ViSoft Tov established in Ukraine
Market launch of ViSoft Living Wall
Market launch of ViSoft Spectrum
Market launch of ViSoft Photo Tuning
Market launch of ViSoft Pad
Market launch of ViSoft Server
Market launch of iPAD App ViSoft360 in conjunction with ViSoft Sharing Portal WWW.VISOFT360.COM

ViSoft. The art of fascination.

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Company structure

The Power of ViSoft The ViSoft Family – International Sales-Meeting 2013 in Lviv

Position Person E-Mail / Picture Phone
General Manager:
Rainer Nissler
+ 49 7031 49165-70
Technic, Support, Trainings, Marketing, Web-Design:
Dino Goossens
+ 49 7031 49165-99
Data Integration and Customer Support:
Rocco Wodniczak
+ 49 7031 49165-98
Technischer Support:
Andreas Göb
+ 49 7031 49165-97
Trade fair presence, Assistant of general manager:
Steffanie Warth
+ 49 7031 49165-71
Accounting department and bookkeeping:
Susanne Lindner
+ 49 7031 49165-70
Offers, training organisation, cashing:
Beate Steinhilber
+ 49 7031 49165-72
Marketing, PR
Rosmarie Rittmann
+ 49 7031 49165-82
Translation and Trainings
Jurij Lasbaher
+ 49 7031 49165-70
Visoft Tov Lviv Ukraine
26 employees for programming and database integration
Distribution channels:
5 sales agents in germany
19 sales agents abroad

ViSoft GmbH, Sindelfingen

ViSoft Development Team ViSoft Entwickler Team – Internationales Vertriebs-Treffen 2011

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Company philosophie implementation

To serve the market.

ViSoft focuses on the needs of the markets.

Adjustments to market and customer needs are fast and efficient thanks to the highly qualified own development team. What the market needs, can be found here.

The product care.

ViSoft visualizes creativity and innovation at the highest level – both technically and optically.

ViSoft can be found on the 3D design software reference list of Mental Images website. Mental Images are the leading manufacturer of 3D animation software (used for example for the film THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW by Roland Emmerich)

Hearing the customers.

ViSoft creates software which offers all the features, but is easy to use.

Twice a year a program update brings new functionality and improvements. Customer suggestions frequently spark further additions and functions.

We love our work.

ViSoft stimulates employees, sales agenst and customers with passion.

Customer feedback is explicit and very positive: the software meets the requirements, is easy to use, customer service is provided by friendly employees who are not only technically high-class performers, but also humanly always make a good impression.

Staying on our way

ViSoft optimizes its products, seeking new, better, perfect or ideal solution.

We try to continuously recognize technical highlights and use them in the when the time is right. We stay on our way, undeterred, and keep going even when the path is sometimes difficult and strenuous. What counts is the success at the end.

Seeing into the future.

ViSoft notifies markets, technologies, development potential, and is open to influences and energies.

This sense for possible future developments and new products is what makes ViSoft so successful. What today seems like science fiction, tomorrow is already a part of the planning program. Innovative. Creative. Safe investment.

This is ViSoft.

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Customer confidence

A photo from the future

“This enormous enthusiasm of our customers was not expected “said creative head of

ViSoft and managing director Rainer Nissler on the many orders of revolutionary visualization program tool that has just been brought to market by his competent software house from Sindelfingen. the competent software engineers in Sindelfingen just brings to the market. “It’s quite unbelievable but as soon as the first information was distributed, the first photo-realistic, high resolution 3D rendered images of a real bathroom planning were to be seen, we won many orders – and this despite the fact that the fine tunning of retail version was still to be performed by our developers.“

Photo Tuning is now on the market and it shows bathroom design at its best: 3D, with soft light, delicate

shading, perfect glosiness and reflections, even during the animation of the planned new bathroom. Bad join us absolutely original. So real that even professionals think they are looking on a photo from an exhibition. But no, it is a perfectly staged Visoft Photo Tuning rendered image.

In a quality that makes every presentation of professionally planned bathroom into an emotional, very convincing

experience. Two aspects come together here: Pictures speak louder than words, emotion is created through atmosphere. The accuracy of the representation gives the customer the confidence to make the right decision.

“If you use Photo Tuning you will experience disbelief from some of your customers, ” predicts Rainer Nissler,

“Because the image quality is so authentic, so real, like it was a photo from the future!

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Interview mit Rainer Nissler

General manager of ViSoft GmbH


the engine of success
Rainer Nissler, creative director and general manager of ViSoft GmbH speaks about his philosophy, his vision and creative potential. The impetus was a visit to the cinema: Walt Disney’s first animated film Tron fascinated him in 1983 with its 3-D effects so that he really wanted to know how this works technically. For a creative interior designer and cabinet maker the step in direction of using CAD application in the workplace was a logical decision. The idea for the visualization software was born.

ViSoft Geschäftsführer Rainer Nissler

Success stories often read like a race report: from zero to one hundred million in the shortest possible time. Is that also your measure for success?
Revenue is important, withouth a doubt. The economic success is a motivation motor and indicator of the quality of the business idea and its implementation. ViSoft with its three products ViSoft Premium, ViSoft Living Wall and ViSoft Spectrum currently tops annual sales of over two million euros. That represents a calming of magnitude for a software company in our market segment . More important for the success, however, are other factors.
Which factors?
Creativity, ideas, visions and their implementation. It is important to nurture the inspiration and to give room to the imagination. Resilience and patience are needed to draw from this potential and to cash in on business success. Only those who steadfastly believe in their vision will achieve a good result. Being successful also means to continue on your way and not to lose sight of your destination.
What are your goals?
We want to be and stay number one. We invest in manpower and develop our products continuously. Currently, seventeen highly skilled software professionals are working on our next upgrade. We deliver updates which make program simpler and improve the optics of it in a half year cycle. We will continue to do that consistently.
This sounds very technical. Where is the room for creativity in this context?
It is everywhere. To structure a complex program for visualization in a way that it’s easy and effective to use demands a good dose of creativity – day by day. Our customers are vendors, consultants, designers, planners and craftsmen, not software specialists. Our products are on the cutting edge of technology and because of that anyone can use them quickly without CAD skills. This simplicity is based on a high level of competence and our employees are highly competent.
How important is this competence? Describe your perfect employee for us.
Competent employees are the beginning and the end. But it goes much further: not only the technical and professional expertise is required, but the willingness to devote themselves to the task of going to work with commitment, to be there with their heart. Looking for perfect solutions, ready for new processes. We expect our employees to continue to develop personally. We place great value to that. I’m sure it shows also in the quality.
How do you support your employees in this continuous improvement process?
With skill enhacements seminars and trainings. We are always open for new ideas. This is the ViSoft company philosophy, which I take to heart myself. I’m a good example: regular break from everyday life, seeking strength and inspiration, to be centered …. For me personally, meditation and physical fitness is a necessary and effective energy source.
How do you motivate yourself and others?
Motivation comes from the motion: the one who is moving, moves something and makes progress. Making progress, achieving the goal, coming first, leads to satisfaction. High level satisfaction even. And who knows this feeling, wants it always to be there. The awareness to share something, to pass it on, also makes one wanting more.
What exactly do you share with your customers?
Creativity. For not only do we need their inputs to generate the quality and strengths of our products. Our products generate and support creativity too: the bathroom consultant can give its customers with a few mouse clicks a concrete idea of his new bathroom, on a photo-realistic level. This gives room for playful use of tile shapes, laying patterns, colors, sanitary objects illustrating the competence and the future orientation of the consultant and gives customers the confidence to decide for the bathroom they really like most.
What is the biggest challenge in your business?
The connection between technology and creativity. A marriage of unequal partners, but only at first glance. Also opposites attract and complement each other and that leads to very productive results. We prove this every day to us, our customers and our competitors.
What are your plans, or better, your vision for the future?
To enhance products, to adapt to increasing demands of corporate communications,

to contintue to meet the needs of the market on the expected level. To be always open for creative processes of any stripe.

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