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This listing is valid for all ViSoft Products, except ViSoft Spectrum

Status: January 2021

ViSoft Premium Version 2018 is a high-end visualization software, that supports the latest Microsoft DirectX interfaces. Therefore the system requirements are comparable with those for current games. Escpecially the graphics adapter card has to be in the ranking of NVIDIA GTX cards.

If you plan to invest into new hardware, we recommend the following configuration for the best performance with ViSoft Premium:



Intel I7 7700k or better
SSD 256GB + 1TB Harddisk
from 24″ (Inch)
Operating system
Windows 8 x64 (64 Bit) or Windows 10 x64 (64 Bit)
Internet connection
Graphics card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX from 1060 / 1070 / 1080 (1080ti in Verbindung mit VR)
with min. 4 GB dedicated RAM G-DDR5

The recommendation is based on systems we tested in-house and are keep your investment lower than €1500,- net and enables you to work adequately with the system for (Desktop-PC) 3 years. Measured against the waiting time when operating weaker computers, the investment pays off very fast.

However you don’t need a workstation, nor a professional CAD graphics card, such as NVIDIA series QUADRO or TESSLA or ATI Fire Pro for efficient operation.

There are special directions for the installation on a MAC :
Add a second partition or hard drive and install Windows 7 or 8 via BOOTCAMP.

We strongly advice against installing a virtual Windows under Parallels.
The hereby simulated graphics card is not able to meet the requirements of a NVIDIA graphics card with the GTX performance class.

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