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Event from ViSoft, Lux Elements and Bärwolf

A powerful cooperation

Together we build new relax areas
Wellness, professional, individual, for public and private, the sanitary market and new trends, such as the barrier-free sanitary-market are business plans, that can be done in ViSoft Premium and used for strategic positions, that Lux Elements uses to establish the best position on the market.
During the two corporate customer meetings, the three companies fortified their collaboration.
All Highlights of the new ViSoft-Updates were shown through Rainer Nissler on the meetings on 24. June 2010 in Leverkusen, Germany and on 26. October in Hamburg, Germany with the cooperative partners Lux Elements and Bärwolf. He got full attention of the audience. The strategy is clear: the rigid foam-form parts of Lux Elements are best for renovation of older bathrooms – you quickly build complete new room concepts.
The individual and brilliant looking mosaics and decorative borders of Bärwolf tune-up every bathroom – they provide perfect surfaces. The visualization software and modules from ViSoft make the planning professional, unificated and easy.They show how the bath will look like tomorrow in absolute realistic manner. That was shown with an interactive presentation, that described all steps from the bath of the 70’s until today. That was really amazing.
Escpecially the direct contact to ViSoft Premium customer was important . What is the key of the event? The possibility to talk directly to the manager and developer and experts, to gather information about future modules, trends and innovations. Talking on a high level of creative experts, exchanging information and getting answers of many questions.

Photo Tuning zur Kundenveranstaltung

ViSoft-manager Rainer Nissler enjoyed to explain all the ideas on the way to the perfect new 3D Design interface and the show of highlights of the new update. „For me the event is very inspiring. The contact to customer and the feedback is an analysis and proof of the product strategy. My conclusion is: “We’re going on in the right way.“

Nomen est omen

Inside the ‘Arena of success’, the Crytsal Palace in Sindelfingen, the latest customer event of Bärwolf, Lux Elements and ViSoft was indeed a big success. Rainer Nissler, General Manager of g ViSoft appreciated more then 70 guests to the interesting new event.
„We take the efforts that our customers had to arrive and the time they spend as a big compliment for our work”, accented Rainer Nissler. „We hope to fulfill the appraisal with our event program. By the way: the feedback was really positive.
Conclusion of the three responsible persons Claudia Rauschen, Training Leader at Lux Elements, Ingo Kruppa, Sales Leader at Bärwolf and ViSoft-Manager Rainer Nissler: „We go on!“ The next event will be in east- Germany.
Invitations to further customer events are all-time available through our contact-form

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Lux Elements und ViSoft bilden eine erfolgreiche Partnerschaft Gemeinschaftsprojekt Wohlfühloase